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The books below help serious readers of the Bible to understand how the Bible fits together and can therefore be understood, applied and taught to others. They are available from Amazon and other suppliers in paperback. Amazon also provide Kindle versions. All books are priced lower than those from larger publishers in order to maximise people’s opportunity to read, grow and benefit both themselves and others.

Cover of The Perfect Kingdom Bible study manual

Study 1 & 2 Chronicles in your small group (or alone) in just 22 sessions! Available in black & white, full colour or Kindle format. Priced so that every group member can have one to write answers in. This often neglected book of the Bible is now easily accessible to all. Email for bulk prices.

Cover of booklet Local Church Membership, featuring a late Roman Christian fresco from the catacombes depicting an 'agape' love feast.

A timely and biblical encouragement for Christians to join their local church as members. Also an important reminder for existing members. This booklet shows how blessing results for members, their families, God’s work and for outsiders. Buy for both members and (scared or shy) not-yet-members. Email for bulk prices.

Cover of black & white book Reformed Evangelical Ministry Resources

A fresh ‘take’ on liturgy: the very best from the past, some of it modernised, all of it reusable in services, funerals, weddings, pastoral visits, prayer with individuals and groups.
With this vital resource, you will never be ‘stuck’ when leading in worship or many other situations.

The Footsteps of God book front cover

Brilliant Christmas present! An overview of church history from a Reformed perspective. A truly encouraging read to give to someone who cares about the Church of Christ amidst the confusion of the 21st Century, covering the early church, the Protestant Reformation, and Revivals. Everyone needs to read some church history. 🙂 Similar to The Church that Christ Built. Read together at a book-reading group.

When We Don't Understand God's Ways book cover

This commentary on Jonah and Habakkuk provides biblical insight where others fail. John Legg explains each chapter in detail and draws both prophecies together in order to learn lessons for now.
Will prove useful to Bible study leaders and preachers.
Jonah helps us with evangelism.
Habakkuk enables us to trust God when everything goes wrong. It also addresses the subject of prayer for revival.

Covenant Books UK hyperlink to The Right End of the Stick on Amazon

Practical help for Bible-readers. Avoid misunderstanding the Bible. Common problems with, and attacks on, scripture are addressed through worked examples.

Commentary on 1 and 2 Kings, demonstrating how Elisha stands out as a clear ‘type’ of Christ. Warm, expository and applied to every day and church life.

A new book by John Legg – a practical discussion of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity for the ordinary believer who wants to relate to God better.

Covenant Books UK hyperlink to Humour in the Bible on Amazon

A unique and reverent survey of how the Bible uses humour, often at its most serious moments!

The following Bible study guides help small group leaders to plan and run a term or a whole year’s worth of profitable studies. Home group members are recommended to have their own paperback or Kindle copies of these low-priced notes so that they can write in answers to the questions, make notes, and keep them.

Covenant Books UK hyperlink to Genesis Bible studies on Amazon

12 discussion Bible studies covering the whole of Genesis in large portions, not just chapters 1-11, but all 50.

Covenant Books UK hyperlink to Exodus Bible studies on Amazon

Discussion Bible studies covering most of Exodus, with maps and other extra material- In this time of COVID plague, a very relevant book.

Covenant Books UK hyperlink to 1 First Samuel Bible Studies on Amazon

Up to a year’s worth of discussion Bible studies covering the whole of 1 Samuel. For the busy small group leader and his group.

Front cover of 2 Samuel Small Group Bible Study Notes

Study with confidence what is often seen as a ‘tricky’ book, with its ‘nasty’ incidents (Uzzah, David’s adultery, Gibeonites’ murder, God inciting David to sin?).

Covenant Books UK hyperlink to the Songs of Ascents on Amazon

Discussion Bible studies on Psalms 120 to 136 (Songs of Ascents), 137 (By the Waters of Babylon) and 138 to 145 (Eight Last Davidic Psalms).

Covenant Books UK hyperlink to Ephesians on Amazon

Discussion Bible studies on Ephesians, particularly focussing on its structure, theology and application to our lives.

Dear Tom cover

The Reformed, Calvinistic, ‘doctrines of grace’ explained in letters from Uncle Harry to his nephew, Tom.

An excellent Christmas present for younger Christians.

The Reformed, Calvinistic, ‘doctrines of grace’ explained in letters from Uncle Harry to his niece, Beth.

An excellent Christmas present for younger Christians.

The following miscellaneous books are also highly recommended, especially for church leaders, teachers and Bible-lovers. ‘Any Objections‘ is for giving away to Non-Christians to help them believe the gospel.

Encourage your deacons by buying them a copy of this helpful, popular, and immensely practical booklet.
Originally a conference paper in 1989, now an attractive, 6×9 inch, “giveable“, booklet.

Why those NT Bible quotations don’t seem to match what the OT says. What all those footnotes in your English Bible saying ‘LXX‘ mean. All sorts of Bible mysteries cleared up by knowing a little about the Septuagint.

An introduction to covenant theology by David Legg. A found-ational view of scripture, based on the 5 covenant model inherent in the Bible. This is the updated 2nd edition. All biblical theologians will want one.

10 common objections to the gospel answered in a way suitable for helping Non-Christians trust in Jesus Christ. Cheap enough to give away. Listen to the radio interview with the author, John Legg.