The books below help serious readers of the Bible to understand how the Bible fits together and can therefore be understood, applied and taught to others. They are available from Amazon and other suppliers in paperback. Amazon also provide Kindle versions. All books are priced lower than those from larger publishers in order to maximise people’s opportunity to read, grow and benefit both themselves and others.

Practical help for Bible-readers. How to avoid misunderstanding the Bible. Common problems with, and attacks on, scripture addressed through worked examples. (see contents)

An introduction to covenant theology, a foundational part of scripture, based on the 5 covenant model inherent in the Bible. Also available in colour.

A reverent survey of how the Bible uses humour, often at its most serious moments!

The following Bible study guides help small group leaders to plan and run a term or a whole year’s worth of profitable studies. Home group members are recommended to have their own paperback or Kindle copies of these low-priced notes so that they can write in answers to the questions, make notes, and keep them.

Discussion Bible studies covering the whole of Genesis in large portions.

Discussion Bible studies covering the majority of Exodus, with maps and other supplementary material.

Up to a year’s worth of discussion Bible studies covering the whole of 1 Samuel.

Discussion Bible studies on Psalms 120 to 136 (Songs of Ascents), 137 (By the Waters of Babylon) and 138 to 145 (Eight Last Davidic Psalms).

Discussion Bible studies on Ephesians, particularly focussing on its structure, theology and application to our lives.