New: 2 Samuel study notes

2 Samuel is often regarded as a difficult Bible book to study because it contains awkward incidents like when God seems to zap Uzzah for no obvious reason (there is one, of course), or when David the previously Christlike king commits adultery (and he does!), when David allows some Gibeonites to commit the judicial murder… Continue reading New: 2 Samuel study notes

The Septuagint

Henry’s new book, from Covenant Books UK, is a curious tome because it exposes a large hole in the knowledge and understanding of many a Bible teacher who is otherwise competent and well-read. A curious Christian asks at a Bible study, “Why is the apostle James’ quote from Amos 9:12 different in Acts 15:17 from… Continue reading The Septuagint

Serving as a Deacon

Serving as a Deacon is new from John D. Legg, but has been helping countless deacons in many churches since 1989 when it was given as a conference paper in Whitby. To have godly people serving as deacons is crucial for church health and church growth. When done well, it leads to blessing for us… Continue reading Serving as a Deacon

Exodus, COVID-19 and Us

These attractively produced Bible study notes for small groups have recently been updated. In these COVID-19 days, what is the connection between God, ourselves and plagues? Find out in the Exodus Experiment.

The Right End of the Stick

The Right End of the Stick is now available in paperback. It is dedicated to my late, good friend, Norman J. Wells, who always went for the right end of the stick.