New pair of books-Dear Tom and Dear Beth

Dear Tom cover

Covenant Books UK is delighted to announce the re-pubilcation of Dear Tom and its companion volume for the female of the species Dear Beth after a gap of some 30 years.

Uncle Harry’s letters to his nephew Tom were originally published in Evangelical Times in around 1987. But, the level of interest was such that they were re-packaged as a book of letters by Evangelical Press in 1990. Covenant Books UK has now supplemented the men’s and boys’ volume with one for girls and women. This makes them eminently giveable as Christmas and birthday presents.

The aim of these books is to present to young people the Reformed, Calvinistic, doctrines of grace. It is done in a way that is compelling, and not simply proof-texting. Nevertheless, a full scripture index is included* so that people with a noble Berean nature can check that the book is completely biblical and faithful.

Paperback, hardback and Kindle formats are all available worldwide at the most competitive prices possible. The hardback has slightly larger print and over 100 pages, which allows it to look even nicer as a gift, with lettering on the spine and a thick cover.

* Not in the Kindle versions.

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