Serving as a Deacon

Serving as a Deacon is new from John D. Legg, but has been helping countless deacons in many churches since 1989 when it was given as a conference paper in Whitby.

To have godly people serving as deacons is crucial for church health and church growth. When done well, it leads to blessing for us and glory for God.

This book explores various biblical texts in order to arrive at three main aspects of the deacon’s work: service, stewardship and strength.

The technical problems associated with ‘diakonos’, the Greek word for deacon, are dealt with smoothly and in such a way that every deacon will be informed, instructed and encouraged in his or her indirectly spiritual task.

The problems that deacons may encounter are also identified and addressed. The whole aim of this book is to help and to bring blessing to God’s people as they grow spiritually and numerically.

This booklet is available in paperback or Kindle format.

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