The Gospel According to Elisha?

We are well used to the idea of a gospel according to Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, but according to Elisha?! But, as Jesus said in Luke 24, really the whole Bible is about him, and the whole Bible is the gospel – when it is understood correctly.

In particular, many part of the Bible feature ‘types’ of Christ. These range from objects in the temple through particular characters in the real-life Bible story to the whole nation of Israel. Sacrifices are types of Christ, illustrating his sacrificial death. The temple was a type of Christ, representing his dwelling place with his people on earth and in heaven. Kings are types of Christ the King, either good types or bad types – both teach us about King Jesus. And prophets are types of Christ. Perhaps the best one of all is Elisha. He did in a small way what Jesus did in a big way. Elisha miraculously fed 100 people; Jesus fed 100 groups of 50 people – 5,000, and ultimately he feeds, or gives life to, all his true people.

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