The Septuagint

Henry’s new book, from Covenant Books UK, is a curious tome because it exposes a large hole in the knowledge and understanding of many a Bible teacher who is otherwise competent and well-read.

A curious Christian asks at a Bible study, “Why is the apostle James’ quote from Amos 9:12 different in Acts 15:17 from how it reads in my Old Testament?”.

The quick-minded Bible teacher may then reply, “Oh, it’s because he’s quoting from the Septuagint”. Sorted. No problem. Awkward question deflected.

But questioners are not supposed to be silenced, nor is it helpful just to continue as if some trivial matter had been raised. The issue was to do with the authority and accuracy of scripture, and should therefore not be dodged as if it were some obscure detail that does not even “affect the price of fish”.

Henry’s An Evangelical Appeal, however, answers that and many similar questions, and provides enough background understanding to give a useful, edifying, conservative and faith-bolstering answer.

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