Reviews of Reformed Evangelical Ministry Resources just out

Cover of Reformed Evangelical Ministry Resources hardback colour book

Here are some (kind) reviews of this latest book:

‘Of the many pressing needs in the evangelical church today, few could be more urgent than the recovery of true, Bible-saturated, Spirit-filled, Christ-exalting, God-honouring worship. At a time when so much in modern worship practices is confused and calamitous, this collection is a sure-footed, reliable guide to the leading of public worship in line with God’s Word. David Legg has done a service to the church in compiling resources which will be a precious help to many in reshaping their worship to reflect gospel patterns and priorities. Here is a resource short enough to be practical but substantial enough to be truly beneficial. Drawing from the words of Scripture, the historic worship practices of the Reformers and his own sustained reflection on the nature of gathered worship, David’s book provides valuable practical guidance for younger and more experienced ministers and church leaders. It will be treasured by many.’
— Revd Andrew Randall, Minister, Grace Church Larbert, International Presbyterian Church

‘… excellent resources for worship leaders, some of them ones you didn’t know about, or had heard of but would have difficulty finding … a good prompt to get away from over-reliance on how one feels at the time of leading and on what just pops into one’s head! … well worth getting. In its own way, it is unique.
— Chris Bennett leads Alexandra Road Congregational Church, Hemel Hempstead, and has lectured at the London Seminary (UK), on Preaching, New Testament, Old Testament, Greek and Hebrew.

‘ … an excellent job … very helpful to reformed churches that are still true to the Bible. … the suggestion that (in their liturgy) churches should not restrict themselves to just one or two passages, but use a great variety, is especially good. It … provides variety in the service which might otherwise become commonplace if the same passages are always used.’
— Dr. Robert C. Newman, Emeritus Professor of New Testament and Christian Evidences, Biblical (now Missio) Seminary; Emeritus Director of Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute (USA).

Inside is a treasure trove of orders of service, calls to worship, blessings, prayers, confessions of sin, creeds, doxologies and catechisms. There is a mixture of traditional and modern texts, including orders of service for various kinds of baptisms, weddings and funerals. Most of these are freely and immediately reusable.

The hardback, colour and black & white, versions have a larger text size of mainly 13pt, as opposed to 11pt in the paperback.

There are free Kindle downloads on Sundays during October 2023.

The aims of these resources include:
o To provide useful and immediately reusable written forms of words that may be pronounced, recited or adapted according to local and contemporary usage.
o To inspire and educate those leading in worship so that even extempore prayers and blessings etc. are of improving quality, God-centredness and benefit.
o To help avoid the kind of empty repetition that happens when too small a variety of resources are readily available.
o The avoidance of dull, careless and occasionally heretical ‘continuity announcing’.
o To aid personal and family devotions.

And here is another from Revd Dave Cox (Bethel Evangelical Church, Nelson):

‘This is a useful resource for leading church services. We can quickly fall into repetitive patterns, but I have found that dipping into this book gives me fresh ideas, wording and phrases when leading God’s people in worship. There are prayers on a range of subjects, drawn from church history and a variety of settings. Plus guidance and wording on baptisms, weddings, funerals, benedictions and more. It’s a book I’m keeping on the shelf and expect to turn to on a fairly regular basis. … ‘

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